The Oakland Cemetery Board was established in 1975 to make rules, bylaws and regulations for the management and protection of Oakland Cemetery. Seven members make up this board and each serves at the pleasure of the City Commission for three-year terms.  Current members are listed below:

Thomas Darden
Kevin Zeiher
Dennis Murray, Sr.
Deb Neese-Voltz
Bret Ninke
Harrison Smith
Steve Toft
Blake Harris, City Commission Liaison

All meetings are held at 4 p.m. at City Hall, 240 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky.


04/27/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/26/22 CANCELLED        

10/27/21   Agenda     Minutes   Video
07/28/21 CANCELLED        
04/28/21   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/27/21   Agenda     Minutes   Video

10/28/20   Agenda     Minutes   Video
07/29/20   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/29/20       Minutes  

10/30/19       Minutes  
07/24/19   Agenda      
04/24/19   Agenda      
02/06/19   Agenda     Minutes  

10/24/18   Agenda     Minutes  
07/25/18   Agenda     Minutes  
04/25/18   Agenda     Minutes  
02/01/18   Agenda     Minutes