Project Summary
Sandusky has made incredible progress in revitalizing downtown infrastructure, most notably in the recently finished Jackson Street Pier and Shoreline Drive projects. We are already seeing the benefits of these improvements through increased daily pedestrian and bicycle usage, increased patronage of area businesses, new private investment, and a full calendar of events and programming. Future phases of downtown infrastructure improvements will continue the revitalization process by bringing the next set of key places up to the quality and usefulness of these recent improvements.

Columbus Avenue is identified in the Downtown Plan as the next major project for public realm improvements. As the central spine of downtown, Columbus Avenue terminates into Schade-Mylander Plaza with iconic views of the water. Columbus Avenue is Sandusky’s “Main Street,” anchored by City Hall and Sandusky State Theatre. The street also functions as the center of downtown’s retail environment, connecting the bustling retail spaces along Market Street, Water Street, and Shoreline Drive.

Planning Objectives for the Columbus Avenue Focus Area include:
  • Make Columbus Avenue downtown’s most vibrant street
  • Foster connection to Shoreline Drive and Jackson Street Pier
  • Anchor the civic and retail core of downtown
  • Increase waterfront connection and outdoor dining opportunities
  • Continue the transformation of experience at the terminus to Sandusky Bay

Project Area
The focus area for the Columbus Avenue project stretches from Schade-Mylander Plaza south to Adams Street. 
Columbus Map

Regional Precedents 
Below are examples of other streetscapes in nearby cities that have features that were identified as desirable for Columbus Avenue.
Columbus - Precedencts 1   Columbus - Precedencts 2

What We've Heard
In our initial meetings with Columbus Ave. stakeholders, we received feedback about what people would like to see in a redesigned Columbus Ave. A summary of those findings are in the images below.
Feedback board  Feedback board 2

Proposed Streetscape
The Columbus Avenue streetscape concept emphasizes the idea of the corridor as a “Festival Street,” including elements described in the Vision for the Public Realm, and adds a “Linear Park” experience to the streetscape. Columbus Avenue Concept | Festival Street + Linear Park creates a parallel parking condition on Columbus Avenue to enable a seamless festival area in the center of the street (for times it is closed to 
traffic) and connect Washington Park with Schade-Mylander Plaza with a linear park experience along the sidewalk edge. Sidewalk size is increased from nine feet today to between 15–20 feet (since right-of-way dimensions vary from block to block). An 11–14 feet amenity zone for park elements such as seating  and public art is added within the linear park space containing seasonal plantings and high-canopy street trees. 

Columbus - Existing

Columbus - Proposed TypicalColumbus - Rendering Typical

Columbus - Proposed Festival

Columbus - Rendering FestivalJPG