The Recreation Board assists in the development of long-range planning for recreation programs for the City of Sandusky. In addition, members assist the City Manager in obtaining, maintaining and operating recreational facilities throughout the city.

There are eight members of the Recreation Board who are residents of the city. Members serve three-year terms. More specifically, one of the members is a member or designee of the Sandusky Board of Education.  Current members are listed below:

Elisabeth Collins-Fiske
Larry Wren
Barbara Rose
Tom Sharrah
Sherrie Waddington
Shawn Coakley
Bernie Seiler
Eric Jordan, Jr.

Jason Werling, Recreation Director
Naomi Twine, City Commission Liaison

If you wish to volunteer for programs and/or events, please fill out our Volunteer Application.

All meetings are held at 3:30 at the locations listed below.


12/11/19 222 Meigs Street        
11/13/19 222 Meigs Street   Agenda      
10/09/19 Wightman-Wieber Park   Agenda      
09/11/19 Paper District Marina   Agenda      
08/14/19 Schade-Mylander Plaza   Agenda      
07/10/19 Central Park   Agenda      
06/12/19 Lions Park Shelter   Agenda      
05/08/19 222 Meigs Street   Agenda      
04/10/19 City Hall, 222 Meigs Street   Agenda      
03/13/19 Mills Creek Golf Course, 1933 Mills Street   Agenda      
02/13/19 Halo Live, 805 Wayne Street   Agenda      
01/09/19 City Hall, 222 Meigs Street   Agenda      

12/12/18 City Hall, 2nd floor conference room   Agenda      
11/14/18 City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room   Agenda      
10/10/18 Wightman Wieber Park Shelter   Agenda      
09/12/18 Sandusky Bay Pavilion Shelter   Agenda      
08/08/18 Sandusky Bay Pavilion Shelter   Agenda     Minutes  
07/11/18 Shoreline Park Shelter   Agenda     Minutes  
06/13/18 Lions Park Shelter   Agenda     Minutes  
05/09/18 Mills Creek Golf Course   Agenda     Minutes  
04/11/18 Mills Creek Golf Course   Agenda     Minutes  
03/14/18 Mills Creek Golf Course   Agenda      
01/10/18 Mills Creek Golf Course   Agenda      

11/08/17   Agenda      
10/18/17   Agenda      
09/20/17   Agenda      
08/16/17   Agenda      
07/19/17   Agenda      
06/21/17   Agenda      
05/10/17   Agenda      
03/08/17   Agenda      
02/08/17   Agenda     Minutes  
01/11/17   Agenda     Minutes