The Landmark Commission was established to designate, preserve, protect and enhance current and future Landmark properties within the City of Sandusky; to foster civic pride in and consistent with established long term goals and policies of the city; to stabilize or improve the aesthetic and economic vitality and values of Landmark sites; to protect and enhance the city's attraction to tourist and visitors; and to promote the use of these sites for the improvements and objects for the education, invigoration, and welfare of the people of the city.

The Commission consists of seven members and meets approximately once each month. 

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Current members are listed below:

Timothy Berkey
Jon Lawrence
Alan Griffiths
Ryan Nagel
Mike Zuilhof
Joe Galea
Nikki Lloyd, Commission member
Kristen Barone, Clerk


11/20/19   Agenda      
10/16/19   Agenda      
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07/17/19   Agenda     Minutes  
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06/06/19 Special Meeting   Agenda      
05/15/19   Agenda     Minutes  
04/17/19   Agenda     Minutes  
03/20/19   Agenda      
02/20/19   Agenda     Minutes  
01/16/19   Agenda     Minutes  

12/19/18   Agenda     Minutes  
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