EMS/Ambulance Billing

Who do I contact regarding a bill for an ambulance call?

General Questions

Is open burning permitted in the city?
Where can I obtain a birth or death certificate?
Where do I obtain a dog license?
Where do I obtain a driver's license?
Does the city require a permit to purchase and/or drive a utility vehicle (UTV)?
Does the city have drug "take back" boxes?

Housing & Code Compliance

Do I have to register my rental property?
How do I file eviction papers?


How do I sign up for trash and/or recycling services for my home or business?
Does the city have drop-off locations for recyclables?
How do I dispose of items such as televisions, computers, paint, etc...?
Does the city offer a yard waste program?
Does the city offer leaf pick-up?
Does the city offer Christmas tree recycling?


Where can I obtain a business or vendor license?
Do I need a permit to sell products or food outdoors?
Do I need a permit for a garage sale?


How do I report a pothole?
Can I get a handicapped parking spot in front of my home?


How do I get a replacement tree for one that was removed by the city?
How do I have a tree removed that I believe is dead?


How do I sign up for water/sewer service?
How do I sign up for electricity or gas services?
Does the City offer an electric aggregation Program?
Does the city offer a natural gas aggregation program?