The Audit/Finance Committee is made up of seven members serving three-year terms in addition to one City Commissioner, the City Manager and the Finance Director.  The committee is responsible to assist the City Commission and City administrators in the preparation of reports and policies concerning financial information. 

Current members include:

Brian Allen
Brent Gardner
Al Nickles, CPA
Dan Moncher, CPA (inactive)
Jim Ruthsatz, CPA
Craig Stahl
Steve Tomasula
Sally Martin, Interim Finance Director
Dennis Murray, City Commission Member
Eric Wobser, City Manager

Beginning in 2019, meetings start at 8 a.m., unless otherwise noted. They take place at City Hall, 240 Columbus Avenue in the City Commission chambers. 


2019 Agendas/Minutes

10/25/19   Agenda      
09/13/19   Agenda      
06/21/19   Agenda     Minutes  
02/22/19   Agenda     Minutes  
2018 Audit/Finance Meetings

10/19/18   Agenda     Minutes  
09/14/18   Agenda     Minutes  
06/22/18   Agenda     Minutes  
03/23/18   Agenda     Minutes  
02/23/18   Agenda     Minutes  
2017 Audit/Finance Meetings

12/15/17   Agenda     Minutes  
10/20/17   Agenda     Minutes  
09/15/17   Agenda     Minutes  
06/23/17   Agenda     Minutes  
03/24/17   Agenda     Minutes  
02/24/17   Agenda     Minutes