The Bicentennial Vision/Strategic Plan calls for neighborhood improvements and amenities through strategically targeting investment into six neighborhoods. The initial investment into neighborhood amenities will focus on the following neighborhoods:
  • The Cove District
  • First through Fifth Streets District
  • South of Kilbourne District
  • Garden District
  • South Side District
  • West End District

Accomplishments in 2017 included:
  • Completed the identification of goals and actions to achieve the goals for the six targeted neighborhoods (First thru Fifth Street Neighborhood, Cove District, South of Kilbourne Plat, Garden District, South Side, West Side). Anchor projects, place making investments, and a designated model blocks area were also identified for each neighborhood.
  • First through Fifth Street Neighborhood – worked with the County Land Bank to obtain the parcel at 1321 Cleveland Road which will be used to create a passive pocket park for the supporting neighborhood. The neighborhood will also feature identity signs and “McKelvey Plat” signs around the boundaries of the neighborhood highlighting the historical significance of the neighborhood, and the former Sandusky resident and architect who platted the neighborhood, and went on to form the Harvard Law Review.
  • South of Kilbourne – revived the Hancock Community Garden, added trashcans and planters at select locations, and supposed programming of the Hancock Block Party.
  • Cove District – completed public neighborhood meetings to present and receive feedback for neighborhood-wide public art and two public access areas on the waterfront.
  • Garden District – identified and approved improvements to Central Park including, sidewalks, new playground equipment, a shade structure and picnic tables.
  • West End District – improvements were identified for the Venice Road Connector, near George Street. This will help make drivers aware of the curve. Improvements will include lighting and landscape.
For more information about the Sandusky Neighborhood Initiative, call 419.627.5730.