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Sandusky, Ohio is a small city that is home to one of the most beautiful collections of historical architecture in the Midwest. Sandusky was founded in 1818 and its population grew quickly throughout the 19th century. During this time German and Irish stonecutters were attracted to the area to fill the city's building needs. Most of the earliest buildings in Sandusky were carved from limestone (which can be found just a little more than a foot below the ground in most sections of town).

When Cedar Point's white sand beaches made it a popular vacation spot in the late 1800's Sandusky's population grew even more rapidly. Industry was attracted by the location on the Sandusky Bay with easy access to Lake Erie. All of these factors caused people to make Sandusky their home. Their architectural styles reflect the cultures from which they came. This lasting influence can still be seen in the buildings of Historical Downtown. 

Sandusky Ohio Downtown


Built by Robert Cassedy in 1867 the Cassedy-West Building (201 West Water Street) was an early grocery and hardware store. In the 1880's the facade was changed somewhat by W.T. West. The building features a three-story rock-cut ashlar facade that is trimmed in smooth cut stone. Carved stone decorations and brackets along the roof add to the building's appeal. The central windows rise slightly above the others lending the essence of Renaissance Revival.*





Sandusky Ohio Downtown BuildingThe G. A. Boeckling building (103-105 West Shoreline Drive) was built in 1928 and was the winter administration building for Boeckling, who was president and general manager of the Cedar Point Resort Company. Built with amusement park architecture in mind, the building has a decorated Spanish motif, large cupola and double eaves brackets along the roof line. Arched windows with terra-cotta ornamentation and trimmed with an arcaded corbeled brick enrich the exterior.*

Sandusky OhioHubbard's Block (101 West Water Street) was designed by architect Sheldon Smith in 1854. Owned by Lester Hubbard, this Romanesque building was home to the Cosmopolitan Art and Literary Association, a national organization devoted to the dissemination of magazines and original art works. Its galleries were also located here. The building is made of limestone and sandstone features rounded windows and an iron stairway leading to the second floor that is ornamented with geometric petals.*

* Information is acquired from Treasure by the Bay: The Historic Architecture of Sandusky, Ohio By: Ellie Damm (1989: Associated University Presses, Inc.) pp. 53, 56, 170.

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