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Water & Sewer Divisions

The City of Sandusky is very conscientious about providing safe drinking water to our customers from our Water Treatment Plant. All of our customers should be aware of the daily measures we take to ensure that we are providing the best water to you at the lowest possible price. Technology has allowed us to understand that certain microorganisms can be present in drinking water; thus our very strong commitment to providing safe drinking water.

We also are making efforts to continue processing sewage at our Wastewater Treatment Plant in the safest and most economical manner.

Sandusky’s Water Treatment Plant was built in 1940. At that time, it served approximately 5,000 customers.

The wastewater treatment plant was built in the early 1950’s and improvements were made to it in the late 1970’s. These improvements had a 20-year design length.

Sandusky’s water and sewer customers may see rate increases which will be utilized specifically for upgrades to both the water and wastewater treatment plants.
We are available to provide additional information specific to any project in our water and sewer operations. We encourage you to become interested and involved in knowing about the water and sewer services which the City provides. For further information, please contact the City Engineering Department at 419.627.5829. For additional information, you may contact our Director of Water Services, Doug Keller at 419.627.5805.
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