The City of Sandusky has received enough applications to commit to the 2021 budget.  We cannot take any more applications at this time.  If you have turned in an application, please wait to hear back from us.  There are still a lot of applications to review.  As always, thank you for your interest. 

The intent of the program is to spur new housing development while preserving existing housing stock in an effort to retain and attract residents to the City of Sandusky.

Applicants for improvements/repairs will need contractor's estimates along with the completed application.

Applicants for home purchase assistance will need a purchase agreement and loan estimate from their lender along with the completed application and owner occupancy affidavit.

Projects completed prior to a Conditional Award Letter or home purchases that have already closed are not eligible for the program.

2021 Housing Development & Beautification Program Guidelines

Housing Development and Beautification program funds can be used for the following purposes:
Substantial Redevelopment Up to $5,000 grant assistance for projects in excess of $20,000 per unit
                                                                                         Up to $7,500 grant assistance for new home construction

HDB grants may be used to subsidize the cost of constructing new housing units or substantially rehabilitating existing housing units. These grants may also be used for the creation of new housing units through adaptive reuse of non-residential properties into residential properties. Certain permits, inspections, and registered contractors may be required to participate in this program.

Exterior Repairs 50% of eligible project costs (maximum of $3,000) 

Grants may be used to undertake certain exterior home repairs and improvements which can be seen from the right-of-way, including but not limited to painting, porch construction, roof repairs, and window replacement. Certain permits, inspections, and registered contractors may be required to participate in this program. 

Home Purchase Assistance 3.5% of the purchase price (maximum of $5,000)

Grants may be used for the acquisition of one-, two-, and three-family residences that will be owner-occupied. This assistance will be in the form of a grant check issued to the title agency at the time of closing. *other calculations and maximums may apply per project