Legal Notice – Tier I Environmental Review FY21 Annual Action Plan

CDBG-CV Food Assistance Program Application

FY2021 DRAFT Annual Action Plan

Public Participation Plan

Five Year Consolidated Plan 2019/2020 - 2023/2024 

FY2020 Annual Action Plan

The City of Sandusky's Consolidated Plan for Housing & Community Development is a planning requirement for the Department of Housing & Urban Development for application and use of the Community Development Block grant federal program.

The purpose of the Consolidated Plan is to create a viable urban community that offers decent affordable housing, a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities especially for low and moderate income persons. The activities the city will undertake to achieve its stated objectives are detailed in this document.

The purpose of the annual Action Plan is to update the five-year Consolidated Plan and to provide the city with a basis for assessment through the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports.

The Consolidated Plan furthers the following goals of the program it covers:

  • to provide decent housing;
  • to establish and maintain a suitable living environment; and
  • to expand economic opportunities for every citizen, particularly for low and very low income persons.

The plan is a document, consisting of the five-year plan and annual updates.