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Planning & Zoning


Sandusky's current Comprehensive Plan was developed through community forums, interviews, focus groups and work sessions. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment within an overall vision of the City. The following overall themes describe the city's Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Encouraging redevelopment and reinvestment, and supporting new development.
  2. Updating zoning code, sign code and subdivision regulations to include state-of-the-art standards and techniques that implement the Plan, and recommending appropriate downzoning of residential neighborhoods.
  3. Resolving water and sewer issues with Erie County.
  4. Encouraging health care facilities to remain and expand in the City.
  5. Aggressively promoting and assisting local manufacturing business retention and expansion, and expanding City tourism industry activities.
  6. Fostering waterfront development that supports desirable tourism growth and new residential living.
  7. Encouraging residential development in appropriate locations, maintaining property values, facilitating affordable housing and increasing homeownership.
  8. Preparing an update of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
  9. Providing additional cross-town access, improving the street network, supporting commercial shipping and supporting recreational boating.
  10. Continuing aggressive enforcement of the Existing Structures Code to insure that residential and commercial properties are maintained.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Existing Conditions & Trends
Urban Design
Development Constraints
Existing Conditions & Trends, West
Existing Conditions & Trends, Central
Existing Conditions & Trends, Cedar Point
Natural Constraints
Community Facilities
Parks and Recreation Summary

Parks Map
Transportation Map
Utilities Map
Community Facilities & Services
Economic Development Goals, Objectives & Strategies
Housing Element
Proposed Land Use, Whole City West Planning Area
Central Planning Area
East Planning Area
Cedar Point
Transportation Systems

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