Substantial Redevelopment Assistance - The intent of this program is to spur large scale development and expansion efforts within the city. 

Facade & Signage Assistance - The intent of this program is to aid downtown and other neighborhood commercial/retail districts in becoming more attractive, economically viable and diverse places to visit and shop by assisting in the design and funding of substantial rehabilitation of building facades and storefronts. 

Small Business Assistance - The intent of this program is to aid new or existing small business with access to capital that otherwise may not be available from traditional avenues. These resources aim to assist with start-up and due diligence costs and intent to help stabilize cash flow during the infancy stages of new business or expansion periods of existing businesses. 

Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement - Certain new construction or renovation projects may be eligible for multi-year real estate tax abatement on the increased real estate tax liability of their project.  This abatement will provide real estate tax relief for a period of years and provide operations savings during the term of the abatement.  All projects awarded real estate tax abatement under this program will be required to meet or exceed an negotiated level of capital investment, new job creation and new payroll.